We provide effective platforms for growth and acceleration.

Our on-demand courses are the key to keeping up with the industry standard and forging your own path to success.

Our Focus

TANOE Institute's focus is to provide tailor-made, globally relevant, rigorously interactive and highly practical training, capacity building programs and resources to individuals, groups, institutions and organizations.

Our Mission

The ultimate objective of the Institute is to properly develop Africa’s innovative and proactive entrepreneurs and professionals and equip them to build globally competitive & sustainable businesses and careers.

Tailored Priced Packages

Whatever your budget, whatever your needs are, we have a package that will enable you get the results you desire for your personal and business growth.

Professional Portfolio

Over the course of each program, you will complete projects to create a polished portfolio. These projects will showcase the range of skills you have acquired in the TANOE Institute course.

Exclusive Community

TANOE Institute gives you access to a tight-knit community of professionals, entrepreneurs, students etc who provide support and advice for one another and also perform business referral services in the network.

Rigorous Curriculum

Our trainers and facilitators are industry professionals who understand which skills employers, clients and investors are looking for. You’ll learn using our unique teaching methodology, which engages participants through video, interactive quizzes and challenges.

What to expect

We've carefully crafted the programs to jumpstart your journey to become a world class professional and entrepreneur.









We’re in this together. Get a skill. Build your capacity. Develop your team. Let us teach you everything you need.